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Raised PVC Pet Beds for Dogs and Cats

Lets face it, no one likes to take there dog to the kennel while on vacation and no animal lover likes to see dogs and cats in rescue shelters, period! But it happens, and while in these situations most of us would do ANYTHING to make these animals more comfortable. Considering all there is to do is rest for pets in this situation, our dog beds provide a raised design and a dog bed cooling system to keep dogs off the ground and dry keeping them as stress free as possible. Most Dog Kennels and Dog Shelters either do not walk their dogs enough or just do not have the staff to do it, leaving kennel and shelter floors dirty, wet and uncomfortable. Our beds for dogs hose off and dry in minutes and are lightweight and durable making cleaning a breeze leaving you with the best bang for your buck when it comes to your pet supplies.

PVC Dog Beds for Pet stores, Groomers, Kennels, Shelters, rescues

Pet dogs and pet cats are like family now days and a happy dog says a thousand words. Our dog beds are 100% waterproof and are durable enough to leave outside 365 days a year if that is the plan and if taken care of will last a lifetime! Leading the dog bed and pet supply market online, we have designed dog beds that are not only designer quality, but are wholesale priced! Kennels and Shelters love our design as well as the animals and we receive daily praises from our Animal Supply consumers!

126 Outdoor/Indoor Quality tough Fabrics to provide a high end luxury cozy look and feeling for years!

We make extra large dog beds for situations such as Kennels and Shelters that have dog runs with several dogs that vary in size and weight and from our experience, even when shelter dogs are first introduced in a dog run they will share a big bed even if there are other beds open making our extra large bed idea for many situations. Dogs tend to make friends within minutes and in Dog Kennel and Animal Shelter conditions, it is ideal for the correct pet supplies and dog beds to be ready to help!