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Donate a Dog Bed Program

The past few years dog shelters and rescue centers have been flooded with animals that could not be taken care of. The economy is a huge factor in this and although the economy bouncing back, it is bouncing back VERY slowly and more and more pets are being abandon and shelters are looking for ways to keep dogs as stress free as possible in overcrowded situations.

The PVC Raised dog bed has also become more popular over the years in dog shelters and rescues because with overcrowding dogs are able to stay off cold floors and stay dry and clean from animal waste. Our dog beds are designed with the highest durability and easy cleaning being 100% waterproof. The other positive things regarding our pet beds and animal shelters is that the fabric is flea and mite resistant, letting dogs share resting areas without having to worry about bugs nesting there.

No one likes going to Dog shelters and seeing all the dogs looking for new homes be we all have done it, and one of the biggest variables in shelters is how the dogs are acting and the setup they have in their run. If a potential adoption is going to take place, they want to find a dog with a good temperament. Many Dog Runs are setup where dogs do not have a raised bedding area so they are in constant stress knowing their bathroom area is the same as their living area, where they have to sleep.

We have developed a Dog Shelter and Rescue “Donate A Dog Bed Program” which we are excited about and will be posing further details and information from the local Animal Rescue Centers as well as pictures and information to these Shelters!