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Welcome to PVC Dog Beds Direct!

Are your Dog Beds Waterproof?

Yes! Our wide selection of Dog Beds and Pet Beds are not only water proof, they can be cleaned directly with bleach and sprayed off with a hose.

Why do you use the elevated design for your Dog Beds?

Not only does the raised Pet Bed sling provide extra cooling for your Pets, Large Dogs and Large Pets with lots of hair praise you for keeping them cool on those hot days!

How long have you been making PVC Dog Beds?

We are a PVC Furniture Factory and have been making Beds for Dogs as long as we have been open! Coming up on our 30 year anniversary in PVC Furniture we have been getting a ton of requests for these beds for dogs and cats and decided it was time to make a web site to provide people some information about them.

Are your fabrics safe in the sun?

Not only are our fabrics safe for outdoors, they can be left outside 365 days and year in even the toughest of conditions!

Are your dog beds chewproof?

We provide a chewproof guard for our dog beds that clips over fabric that is wrapped around. This also serves as a good replacement part in case your dog chews it you can just replace it with a new $2 piece, leaving you with a brand new look!

How do you clean your dog beds?

Our deg beds can be cleaned with soap and water, hosed off and even bleached down considering our fabric is 100% bleachable!

How much weight can your dog beds hold?

We have customers with over 150 pound dogs and even a customer that has four 185 pound Boerboels that have had their beds over a year and say they show no sign of wear!