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Cleaning Info

Cleaning Your PVC Dog Beds

Caring and cleaning your PVC Dog Bed(s) is an important part of maintaining and maximizing the life of your dog bed and keeping your puppies (and/or pets) safe. Even though our dog bed fabrics are mold resistant you must remember that mold grows on dirt and bacteria, not the fabric or PVC pipe itself. To keep your dog beds in the best condition possible, and as sanitary as possible, we recommend addressing animal stains and residue promptly. Considering our lightweight waterproof designed dog cots, our dog beds can be easily transported outdoors and cleaned with soap and warm water and simply sprayed down with a hose, followed by air drying. For heavier cleaning and stubborn pet stains, use a sponge and/or soft bristle brush to brush your PVC dog bed fabric (and pvc frame) until the spots are clean, followed by a thorough rinse. Making sure to retreat the fabric regularly is an important part of keeping mildew off your dog beds, making it safer and more sanitary for your pets. Most of the cleaning instructions are directed more toward shelters, kennels and other animal housing facilities to keep your dog beds flea, tick and mite free, but spot cleaning frequently will prevent having to do a “heavy” clean later on. Enjoy!