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PVC Dog Beds Direct | Wholesale Dog and PVC Pet Beds

PVC Dog Bed Sale | Raised Dog Bed Design | Large Dog Bed Sizes | Indoors or Outdoors

Specializing in Elevated PVC Dog Beds and Pet Supplies we have an economically priced Bed For Dogs in 126 dog bed fabrics that we have designed for our raised Dog Beds that are fully washable and bleach friendly making cleaning your pet supply’s and maintenance a breeze! Our dog bed design is very unique, cost efficient, and highly customizable considering we are the factory and you are buying your pet beds wholesale, direct from the factory!

Over the past few years we started doing follow-ups on the Large PVC Raised Dog Beds we have been selling and were left with nothing but praises from customers, pet supply stores, shelters, kennels and puppy stores. Considering the fully washable design that can be washed and dried within a minute, people use their dog bed inside and outside with the lightweight indestructible raised dog bed design making it extremely mobile and custom to you and your pets needs.

PVC Beds for Dogs and Cats | Durable and Reliable Dog Beds for indoors or outdoors

We have designed a dog bed from PVC that is great for homes, vets, groomers, animal shelters, kennels etc. suitable indoors or outdoors being 100% washable and 100% bleachable, making this the perfect solution for quick and easy dog and puppy bed cleaning and is a huge time saver. We have also provided fabric that is flea, tick and mite proof, keeping vets and groomers free of any animal bed bugs!

We have been selling PVC Patio Furniture for near 30 years now and we have been getting requests for Custom Dog Beds for large dogs, small dogs, exotic pets, 2 story dog and cat beds, and endless other pets and recently decided to start a market for them considering the volume of orders that we have been filling for them recently.

Our dog beds are made out of the highest quality sling fabrics that we use on our PVC Sling Furniture Chairs. We believe we have the highest quality dog beds selection as far as PVC Dog Beds go and guarantee you and your pets a smile! Our pet supplies are bought in large quantity making them very economically prices and easy on your wallet!

Giant PVC Beds for Dogs needing a Hip Relief Solution | Elevated for Cooling and Support | Orthopedic Dog Bed Design

Dogs are like humans and when they hit that age they start developing problems with their body. One of the most common problems in larger breed (sizing chart) canines such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Mastiffs and even small breeds such as Spaniels and Pugs is arthritis and hip problems known as Hip Dysplasia. No one likes to see their dog go through the pain of a bad hip and sleeping on the ground only makes it worse! Our pvc dog beds provide quality rest and stress relief with the dog bed sling design providing the same solution as a tempur-pedic bed or a sling hammock would for a human. Give your pets the comfortable experience with our quality design dog beds! We have tested our design and found the exact combination of what we have seen that dogs want to jump up on our dog beds and take a nap!

Raised PVC Dog Beds | Elevated PVC Pet Beds | Animal Beds | Raised, Waterproof and Washable Dog Bed Design

Here at PVC Dog Beds Direct we strive to provide ever customer with the highest quality PVC dog beds at wholesale pricing! We specialize in PVC Products and feel that we have designed the best indoor and outdoor waterproof pet beds possible!

Custom PVC Dog Pet Beds | PVC Cat Beds | Large PVC Dog Bed Sale | Bulk Pet Bed Orders all available upon request!

The best dog beds at the cheapest price is our goal, while providing 126 pet friendly fabrics and making our dog beds 30% cheaper than any competition we believe we have the best solution for raised and elevated pvc beds for dogs! Large dog beds are the biggest market we have due to the sling design for extra large dog beds< to keep older dogs stress free on a raised dog bed with a little “give” to provide the sling effect while maintaining the strength to hold over 250+ pounds and priced cheaper than anyone by 30%! The elevated dog bed design gets endless praises outdoors for keeping larger dogs cool and keeping your pets off the wet ground outdoors. We have been amazed the number of customers that called to order another bed just because dogs love for the outdoors with its new bed! Another praise we receive continuously is customers telling us how their dogs no longer want to jump up on the couch because they love the sling design the dog bed adjusts to their body like it would on a couch, sofa, etc. and cant get enough of it (especially large dogs using our dog beds)!